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So since i have about 0% of my life together i’ve decided to start a blog. of course i have no clue how to start a blog but im sure i can figure it out. im 23 and more confused and lost than i’ve ever been and honestly the internet isn’t being to helpful so i plan on writing about what happened how i got to this point and well what im doing to get better. i’m incredibly lucky to have an amazing support system of friends and family. i also finally grew the balls to get rid of the people in my life who were really hurting me, and hopefully after some time we’ll grow and be able to be friends again. But right now i’m going full speed into getting better and getting my life in the path i want it to be. Yay hard decisions and difficult conversations but im ready! now to find a way to organize my thoughts and figure out what i want and can do.

So if anyone knows how to start a blog legitimately please let me know!

im working on getting back into school and finally finishing my degree. im looking at different volunteering opportunities and Tech startups i can work with. hopefully i can figure it out. and really i’d love to have my story be able to help anyone in a similar situation because i know i keep looking for someone to tell me they went thru this and it’ll be okay!

Okay well i think im gonna start by making a new tumblr page that is entery original content. i’m going to write things and post pictures . yay!

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